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CROWN89PH Casino is a Philippines-based  Entertainment City that is legally licensed to obtain regional government permissions. Its corporate offices are located in Manila’s financial district. All of the games we release must undergo a thorough assessment and monitoring process by the Philippine Gaming Council, Macau, and The GLI laboratory verification by the three-party impartial verification unit.

A credit guarantee, a safe and fair gaming atmosphere, and a reviving visual sensory experience are other requirements. The greatest quality and most cutting-edge design online gaming hardware is available at CROWN89PH Casino Entertainment City Headquarters. Even if they are at home, CROWN89PH Casino Entertainment City can provide customers with high-quality online entertainment.

CROWN89PH Casino Entertainment City offers a variety of professional online slot games. To secure the privacy of VIP personal data, we employ the same cutting-edge encryption technology as the World Bank. When you submit information using CROWN89PH, it is secure. This includes personal information, transaction information, and even bank account numbers. It will be available to third parties and provide users with the highest level of confidentiality protection.

In addition to our efforts to develop our products, we also attach great emphasis to customer happiness. As long as you use one account to experience all high-quality entertainment products, we welcome your feedback. Therefore, professional training and internship programs are required for every new employee who joins the organization. Bring all clients high-quality service.


Crown89ph Casino Gaming Online Casino Review

Crown89ph Gaming Online Casino Review

Trust Score 100/100 100%

Crown89ph Casino Exclusive Member Day Mechanics

CROWN89PH Casino Ultimate Giveaway, for a total amount of ₱50,000,000! 

♦️ Promotion Code: CROWN89003

♠️ Promotion Duration: Long-term

♣️ Platform Restrictions: All platforms

♥️ Promotion’s Objective: A thank you token to all active members of CROWN89PH Casino

Event content 

Time to spread the news! 23th is the day, wherein CROWN89PH Casino shows its appreciation every month. 


Application Method

📍 On CROWN89’s membership day, bonuses will be distributed randomly up to ₱50,000,000.

📍 No game platform restrictions, as long as you bet more, the greater the chance of getting rewards.

📍 Do not need to apply, just need to be active and log in on time to receive the reward.

Additional Information

1. CROWN89PH Casino VIP Gaming’s minimum deposit amount is PHP 100.

2. In order to successfully conduct a withdrawal, players must complete the 1X turnover requirement of this promotion.

3. Any bonuses obtained from the promotion are not sharable with other deposit/ betting promotions

4. If the turnover conditions were not met and your main wallet is less than 5 credits, the system will pop up an option to terminate the promotion.

5. The system’s selection of winners is based on the activity of each account, the more activity that you do leads to greater chances of being selected.

Terms & Condition

1. Once you have decided to join this promotion, other promotions that possess the same rules and conditions with a different amount will be unavailable to be applied for.

2. Players who have multiple accounts or are caught doing fraudulent activities will be automatically disqualified for this promotion, hence, the remaining balance of the account will be frozen.

3. CROWN89PH Casino reserves the right to modify, change, terminate, refuse, or cancel this promotion at its sole discretion.

4. General Terms and Conditions apply.

Responsible Gaming

Crown89ph is dedicated to encouraging responsible gaming and guaranteeing our players’ welfare. Members may opt not to participate in any online games at their choice.

  1. Player safety: We oppose children under 18 playing games for real money.
  2. A player can set a cap on how much they bet and how long they play for during a session.
  3. Advertising that is responsible: We follow responsible advertising guidelines by making sure that our promotional materials are honest and open, and don’t specifically target the weak.
  4. Continuous improvement: We are dedicated to examining and enhancing our responsible gaming policies and procedures on a regular basis.
  5. Crown89ph keeps up with the most recent research, industry standards, and laws to make sure that our responsible gaming policies are still relevant and meet our players’ changing demands.

Contact Us

Please get in touch with Crown89PH Casino through one of the channels listed below:

You can contact our complaint department and report any issues you may have using the information below: is the email address for customer support.
@Crown89ph hash
Number 639959854140 on WhatsApp

Any ideas you may have for improving our platform would be much appreciated. We might also make plans for one of our employees to give you a follow-up call to talk about your concerns.

We appreciate your patience and assistance with Crown89PH Casino Philippines. Any form of your feedback is very helpful to us. For us, reputation and customer service come first.

We are delighted to help you and appreciate your support of Crown89ph Casino.




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