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Super Bingo Games
Super Bingo Online Games

Navigate through a number of fascinating settings as you play. Gain experience points (XP) to advance in the game and find fascinating new areas. Play at each location to gather a variety of collectibles; you will receive special rewards when your collections are complete.

Unlike other bingo games, Super Bingo Online Games is a social online bingo software with unique features. Here is a rundown of its key characteristics:

  • Multiplayer Gameplay: Enjoy real-time games with players from around the world, adding a competitive and social element.
  • Multiple Bingo Rooms: Choose from different virtual rooms with varying stakes, themes, and prizes.
  • Variety of Game Modes: Beyond classic bingo, Super Bingo offers power-ups, bonus rounds, and unique game formats like 75-ball, 90-ball, and speed bingo.
  • Social Features: Interact with other players through chat rooms, send gifts, and participate in community events.
  • Customization Options: Personalize your profile, avatar, and daubers to express your individuality.
  • Achievements and Rewards: As you advance in the game, collect coins, power-ups, and unique rewards.
  • Free-to-Play with Optional In-App Purchases: The majority of features are available without charge, but if you would like, you can buy more coins, boosts, and cosmetic items.
  • Platforms: Super Bingo Online Games is available on both Android and iOS devices.
  • User Reviews: The app generally receives positive reviews, with players praising its social features, engaging gameplay, and generous rewards.
  • Developer: The specific developer of Super Bingo depends on the app version you’re considering. Some popular versions include Super Bingo HD and Super Bingo Live.
super bingo games
  • Gameplay: In traditional bingo, players use cards with a 5 by 5 grid of numbers on them. Players mark off relevant numbers on their cards when a “caller” picks numbered balls at random. The round is won by the first player to finish a certain pattern, such as a full row, column, or diagonal.
  • Variations: While the basic gameplay remains the same, classic bingo comes in various flavors. Some common variations include:
    • 75-ball bingo: This uses a bingo card with numbers ranging from 1 to 75. The most common winning patterns are horizontal/vertical rows, diagonals, and four corners.
    • 90-ball bingo: This version utilizes a card with numbers from 1 to 90. Winning patterns tend to be more complex, like “T,” “X,” and “double lines.”
    • 30-ball bingo: This faster-paced version features cards with numbers from 1 to 30. Winning patterns usually involve completing the entire card or specific sections like corners or rows.
  • Special Features: Some classic bingo games might incorporate additional elements for enhanced engagement, such as:
    • Bonus rounds: These offer opportunities to win extra prizes or power-ups.
    • Progressive jackpots: These accumulate with each game and can be awarded to a player who achieves a specific feat.
    • Themed boards: Bingo cards can be customized with different themes for added fun and variety.

Additional Resources:

  • BoardGameGeek: This website provides information and reviews for various board games, including classic bingo versions.
  • International Playthings: If you have the specific name or manufacturer of “Super Bingo – A Classic Game,” their website might offer details about the game’s rules, variations, and features.

Data safety:

Knowing how developers gather and utilize your data is the first step toward safety. Your data’s security and privacy may vary depending on your age, region, and usage habits. This data was provided by the developer, who may update it in the future.

  • Lobby: A clear and user-friendly landing page showcasing available bingo rooms, current promotions, and gameplay options.
  • Bingo Rooms: Each room should have a distinct theme, prize details, chat window, and player list readily visible.
  • Bingo Cards: Easy-to-read cards with options to customize daubers and auto-daub functionality.
  • Gameplay Controls: Clearly marked buttons for calling numbers, claiming power-ups, and accessing social features.
  • Menu: An intuitive menu providing access to profile settings, game history, achievements, and in-app purchases.
  • Seamless Room Switching: Easily move between rooms without losing your progress or interrupting gameplay.
  • Navigation Arrows: Clear arrows for scrolling through available bingo cards.
  • Filter and Search Options: Filter rooms by stakes, game mode, or theme, and easily search for specific rooms.
  • Mini-map: Optional mini-map showing your location within the game world and highlighting important features.
  • Live Chat: A robust chat window for interacting with other players in real time.
  • Emojis and GIFs: Enhance communication with expressive emojis and GIFs.
  • Gifts and Rewards: Send virtual gifts and earn rewards for interacting with other players.
  • Friends List: Add friends and challenge them to private bingo games.
  • Auto-daub: Option to automatically mark called numbers on your card.
  • Power-ups: Purchase or earn power-ups for additional advantages like highlighting potential winning lines.
  • Leaderboards: Compete with other players for top spots on leaderboards.
  • Daily Challenges: Complete daily challenges to earn bonus rewards.
  • Customization Options: Personalize your avatar, daubers, and other visual elements.

Finding trustworthy Super Bingo reviews can be challenging, so to give you the full picture, I’ve gathered some data from a few sources:

  • Mobile Apps:
    • Super Bingo HD: This popular app has over 77k reviews on Google Play, with an average rating of 4.5 stars. Users praise its high-quality graphics, diverse rooms, and social features.
    • Bingo Blitz: Another well-known app with over 10 million downloads, offering various power-ups, mini-games, and collectible items. Reviews mention occasional slowdowns but appreciate its engaging gameplay and frequent updates.
  • Websites:
    • WinStar: A reputable online casino offering multiple bingo rooms with different jackpots and buy-ins. Reviews on Trustpilot are mixed, with some commending the user-friendly interface and others highlighting limited withdrawal options.
    • BGO Bingo: This UK-based site boasts a vibrant community, regular promotions, and unique bingo variations. Reviews on AskGamblers mention occasional technical glitches but emphasize the fun and rewarding experience.
  • Social Media Bingo:
    • Facebook Bingo: A classic favorite embedded within Facebook, offering several free-to-play rooms and daily tournaments. Reviews highlight the social aspect and casual gameplay, but some mention limited interaction options.
    • Blingo Nation: A bingo game integrated into Facebook Messenger, allowing friends to play together in real time. Reviews appreciate the convenience and interactive elements, but note the reliance on friends being online.

Positive Reviews:

  • App Store/Google Play Reviews:
    • Many players praise the engaging gameplay, with exciting variations like speed bingo and power-ups.
    • The social features and active chat rooms receive positive mentions, creating a friendly community.
    • The variety of bingo rooms with different themes and prize levels is appreciated.
    • Free-to-play with optional in-app purchases allows casual players to enjoy the game without spending.
  • Online Reviews:
    • Websites dedicated to online bingo games often commend Super Bingo’s easy-to-use interface and smooth gameplay.
    • The regular updates and new features are seen as a positive effort by the developers.
    • Promotions and events are highlighted as ways to win extra prizes and keep players engaged.

Negative Reviews:

  • App Store/Google Play Reviews:
    • Some users complain about technical issues like occasional crashes or freezes.
    • Difficulty winning bigger prizes is mentioned by some players, though opinions vary.
    • In-app purchases can be tempting, and some players regret spending unnecessarily.
  • Online Reviews:
    • Occasional concerns about the fairness of the random number generator are brought up, although concrete evidence is rare.
    • Some reviews mention a heavy focus on social interaction, which might not appeal to everyone.
    • Excessive notifications and promotions could be considered annoying by some players.


For the majority of users, Super Bingo Online Games seems to be a popular and enjoyable program that offers a fun and varied social bingo experience. such as any online game, it does have some drawbacks, though, such as the temptation of in-app purchases and potential technical issues.

  • Read a variety of reviews from different sources to get a balanced perspective.
  • Pay attention to the reviewers’ level of experience with online bingo and Super Bingo specifically.
  • Look for specific details about their positive and negative experiences, rather than just overall ratings.
  • Consider your own preferences for gameplay, social interaction, and spending when evaluating the reviews.

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What platforms are Super Bingo Online Games available on?

Super Bingo Online Games is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Is Super Bingo Online Games free to play?

Yes, Super Bingo Online Games is free to play, with most features accessible without spending. However, optional in-app purchases are available for additional coins, power-ups, and cosmetic items.

Is Super Bingo Online Games safe?

Super Bingo Games generally follows industry standards for data security and fair play. However, as with any online game, exercise caution with in-app purchases and be mindful of sharing personal information.

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